Michael J. Keating

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Culture wars put marketing in the crosshairs: Four tips to guide your decision-making
Note: The intent of this post isn’t to criticize the hard-working, talented marketing teams who have fallen victim to the current political landscape. Its intent is to offer guidance through these challenging times. It seemed like a great idea. Little...
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What can B2B marketers pull from the recent 2023 industry survey?
The results are in. HubSpot just released its 2023 State of Marketing report that surveyed 1,200 + global B2B and B2C marketers across industries. While many of the results speak more to B2C marketers, there are significant takeaways for B2B...
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In the EV revolution, can we afford to leave anyone behind?
While new electric vehicles are grabbing headlines, a looming question behind the EV movement is: are they for everyone? Is the decarbonization of transportation only for the privileged or will all people have access to electric vehicles – and cleaner...
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