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How to leverage your ESG efforts to communicate value
While it’s come under fire in recent days, the ESG movement has already succeeded in one respect: It’s changed the game in how companies communicate their values, forcing them to replace platitudes with hard facts and figures. As a result,...
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Get ahead today. Go local with your marketing content.
You’ve probably heard the old adage “all politics is local.” But have you ever thought of applying that idea to your content strategy? In business as in politics, making something local means you’re identifying and addressing the issues that matter...
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Shhh, the Competition is Listening!
While communicating your company’s accomplishments is crucial to your company’s reputation and value, you want to steer clear of exposing sensitive or proprietary information. Spend some time to analyze your external communications to make sure you’re not divulging information that...
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The Ups and Downs of Promotional Technology Trends
As we all know, technology is advancing rapidly and your marketing campaigns need to adapt accordingly. Just because something is new doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best fit for your business. While digital tools and platforms are easily adaptable,...
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Want Growth? Listen Up!
If you want business to grow in the United States, then listen carefully. That’s the lesson from the article about Adidas in the March 23, 2015 Wall Street Journal article. Adidas’ U.S. market share is continuing its 30-year slide. Once the premier sports shoe...
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Are You Really That Good? Are You Certain?
The majority of companies truly believe they are unique. That they are better than the rest and often, it is their people that set them apart from the competition. However, if most believe the same thing, can it be true?...
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