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What can B2B marketers pull from the recent 2023 industry survey?

The results are in. HubSpot just released its 2023 State of Marketing report that surveyed 1,200 + global B2B and B2C marketers across industries. While many of the results speak more to B2C marketers, there are significant takeaways for B2B teams. Here are a few along with our comments:

  • AI is receiving a lot of buzz. HubSpot’s results show marketers believe AI can make your job easier, especially if you are operating under a staffing shortage. Not covered in the survey is the debate about whether AI can innovate or just replicate. Many believe AI is perfect for tasks that don’t need innovation and can possibly free up hours in your day by taking over administrative and operational tasks.
  • Economic concerns haven’t gone away. While 92% of those surveyed expect this year’s budgets to stay the same or increase, the majority also says a recession in 2023 would negatively impact their spending. The question then becomes, how can your marketing program have the same reach when you have less to spend?
  • Data privacy demands may eliminate cookies. Increasing public concerns and government requirements may eliminate use of third-party cookies. Many marketers expect these cookies will be replaced by APIs, that can eliminate individual tracking to preserve privacy while still delivering results for advertisers and publishers.
  • The popularity of videos continues to rise. Videos captured the highest response (50%) when marketers were asked which media format they leverage most in their marketing strategy. And 25% (the largest share) ranked videos as delivering the highest ROI when compared against five other formats – images, blog posts, case studies, podcasts and infographics.

Marketing continues to be a dynamic practice that naturally evolves each year based on market conditions and demands. Vertical believes solutions that are truly creative help companies increase market share and profitability. You can request a copy of the HubSpot report here.