Sam Comerford

Podcasting: A modern cornerstone in marketing or an unnecessary time-sink?
Podcasts have steadily become mainstream in the past decades–and for good reason. The medium allows for anyone who has the necessary equipment to speak on virtually any topic.
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Marketing bi-directional charging
Every year, Earth Day reminds us that the planet we live on is worth protecting. Many companies are taking up greener initiatives and developing technologies that will protect the planet. A key focus is transportation, including electric vehicles (EVs) and...
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Electric vehicles graphic
What can we learn from the emotional ride of electric vehicle advertising?
Despite what anyone may say, the future of electric vehicles (EVs) is going to be bold. Volvo announced that from 2030 onward it will only produce EVs. Volkswagen set the same goal for 2033, GM for 2035, Toyota for 2040....
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