Creating demand for smart, responsive energy

As energy leaders redefine how the world generates and distributes energy, Vertical helps them effectively tell their stories. We create the messages and tools that connect with people, explain technology and sell energy solutions.

Smart energy
Promoting new choices
From industry leaders to thought leaders, Vertical works with those committed to transforming how we consume, generate and distribute energy. We’re proud of our work. Whether it's supporting sustainability, explaining the benefits of digital grids or selling the concept of total energy management, we help leaders and visionaries craft their stories and connect with key decision-makers.
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Competing for mind share
Capturing the industry’s attention
More than 11,000 people annually attend DISTRIBUTECH, the leading annual energy transmission and distribution event in the United States. For exhibitors, the stakes are high. How do you capture attention when competing among the savviest energy and technology companies in the world? For four years in a row, Vertical has helped energy leaders generate attention and booth traffic.
Distributed Energy
Selling Decentralization
Distributed Energy Systems (DES) put energy production closer to consumers and optimize the use of renewable energy. But the stories behind DES are often more dramatic. When Hurricane Maria devasted Puerto Rico in 2017, a forward-thinking company saved itself, its town and countless lives thanks to the combined heating and power plant it had recently installed. Vertical captures this amazing story and makes the case for DES, in a variety of materialS
Decentral Hybrid Solutions
As power plant operators navigate their role in meeting the needs of the next generation, Siemens Energy’s Decentral Hybrid Solutions (DHS) offers them customized energy systems that economically optimize operations. Vertical is helping Siemens craft this story verbally and visually.
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Olein Case History
Vertical captures the story of how Siemens Energy’s plug-and-play generators for a combined heating and power plant helped saved a business, a town and countless lives.
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Inverter-to-grid Infographic
Siemens provides a variety of solutions for those looking to develop solar projects, from onsite solutions that supplement utility power to large-scale solar farms and installations. Siemens asked Vertical to tell its complex story with just one image.
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Taking a holistic view
Total Energy Management
Using advanced technologies and data analysis, Siemens Total Energy Management (TEM) approach allows organizations of any size to see the whole picture and make informed decisions with long-lasting, sustainable benefits. Vertical developed a key image and a series of videos, social media posts and web content to tell the TEM story.