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Future Mobility Statistics


Worldwide number of electric-battery vehicles in use in 2019.¹


Number of countries listed as operating high-speed rail systems.²


Expected revenue — intelligent traffic management system market in 2025.³


Estimated size of the U.S. micro-mobility market in 2030.

Footnotes: 1. I. Wagner, Statista, August 26, 2020; 2. Environmental and Energy Study Institute, July 2018; 3. Grand View Research, June 2019; 4. McKinsey, 2019
Urban eMobility
Powering the Future of Urban Mobility
Siemens Corporation asked Vertical to design a 34-page report to promote exciting insights into the future of urban mobility. Our approach explains and visually communicates vital points of this complex, multi-dimensional story from a human perspective.
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Passenger Rail Systems
Transforming Inter-City Travel
To tell its dynamic stories about solving important mobility issues, Siemens turned to Vertical. We wrote and designed multiple case studies that bring these important stories to life.
Atlanta Streetcar Case Study
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Brightline Case Study
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Sacramento Case Study
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Inter-City Trains
Redefining Inter-City Travel with
Venture Trainsets
To support Siemens efforts to sell its Venture platform, Vertical told the story of how this amazing train is making a difference across North America. We wrote and designed the brochure to demonstrate the many ways the trainset is embraced by passengers, operators and agencies alike.
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Traffic Management
Adaptive Signal Control
Smart infrastructure technology impacts every aspect of modern travel. Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT) is no exception. ASCT works in conjunction with well-engineered signal timing, to make traffic signals more efficient and effective. Vertical has created compelling stories surrounding Siemens ASCT system SCOOT (Split Cycle Offset Optimization Technique). SCOOT uses traffic information to optimize the signal timings at each intersection to minimize delays and stops.