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Artificial Intelligence Statistics


Growth rate of businesses adopting AI between 2015-2019.¹


of business leaders surveyed said AI will be a “business advantage” in the future.²


Expected global spending on AI systems in 2024.³


Companies that believe AI will be pivotal to driving growth in manufacturing.

Footnotes: 1. Gartner, 2019; 2. PwC, 2017; 3. IDC, 2020; 4. 2019 Deloitte survey on AI adoption in manufacturing
AI in manufacturing
Finding a simple, effective approach
If you’re in manufacturing, adopting AI can be overwhelming. Vertical offers a solution. In an article published by the Illinois Manufacturers' Association, Vertical President Michael J. Keating makes the case for manufacturers to think small when adopting AI but to think aggressively. Keating recommends looking at all of your operations, including HR, logistics and manufacturing to find opportunities to introduce AI technology into your processes.
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AI in data analytics
How AI optimizes data center temperature
Siemens utilizes AI in its White Space Cooling Optimization (WSCO) technology to improve data center operations. The results are amazing. With AI, data centers dramatically free up stranded capacity, increase reliability and optimize consumption. Vertical helped tell this story. We interviewed subject matter experts and wrote a comprehensive whitepaper on how a data center can easily begin integrating AI into its processes. We also built an audience for the paper by creating social media assets.
AI solves mobility challenges
Systems ITS Digital Lab
When it comes to knowing street traffic, few know it better than Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) Digital Lab. The lab’s AI applications analyze traffic data and predict increased traffic flows so steps can be taken to avoid congestion. Vertical helped promote Siemens’ Digital Lab’s use of AI. The ITS Digital Lab handout we created is an example of how we make the complex clear.
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