The competitive landscape for companies in the B2B market continues to shift. However, if you are looking at a source of optimism, you will find it by looking at the tremendous talent pool in Chicago. On July 16 I attended the open house party for DevMynd Software at its new Bucktown location. server hosting ip . It is a great space and a great company. And, as expected, I met a variety of software developers and database experts, each with a passion and commitment to their vocation.

Listening to them describe their work and the projects they are developing reminds me of the many new opportunities businesses will have for growth. The talent, intelligence and energy (TIE) among the digital community in Chicago is growing exponentially. And it will have significant benefits to businesses in the Midwest.

From database analytics to mobile computing, we are gaining better tools to understand and predict the future, to communicate trends and to respond. The B2C world has grabbed many emerging innovations and has run with them. The B2B world is just getting started. But the race has begun and the momentum is only getting stronger.

DevMynd is a perfect example. It’s an impressive, young company with owners who truly understand the meaning behind collaboration and accommodation and are applying their skill to the B2B space. Vertical has only had the opportunity to meet them recently. However, we look forward to working with them to improve our clients’ competitive positions.  You can learn more about DevMynd Software at