Culture hasn’t been this big since the Renaissance. It’s Merriam-Webster’s 2014 “Word of the Year” based upon year-over-year increase in online lookups. For businesses, the word has definitely come into vogue. Companies are investing significantly to develop their corporate culture. It is, among other things, a competitive tool to attract and retain top-level talent.

If your company is improving its culture, the old saying “actions speak louder than words” is truer than ever. However, don’t underestimate the role of communications. It is vital in building and strengthening your corporate culture. Here are three tips to solidify your communications framework:

  1. Communicate Who You Are. Believe it or not, most employees don’t wake up in the morning wondering how they can improve shareholder value. Instead, they want work with meaning. Look at your company’s mission and vision statements. Do they describe how your company is improving the lives of individuals or contributing to a better society? If not, take another look; articulating a higher purpose is key.
  2. Communicate the Good. Is your company trying to reduce waste in how it uses resources? Are you supporting community involvement among employees or making charitable donations? If so, your employees and customers want to know. Creating an annual sustainability or corporate giving report is an excellent way to demonstrate what your company stands for.
  3. Communicate What’s Going On. Events are a good way to build community and strengthen your culture. They can take the form of company-wide picnics or smaller special interest outings. But they only work if people attend. Are your invitations and announcements getting your employees’ attention? Do they generate excitement and promote inclusiveness? Well-crafted communications can increase turnout and a sense of togetherness.

If your company is trying to build a stronger culture, keep in mind that good communication is just as important as policies, parties and ping-pong tables.